Hydrotherapy in Hertfordshire

The private hydrotherapy service was set up as Herts Hydro was set up by Sarah Kinsella in September 2010 following the closure of the NHS Hydrotherapy pool at the Lister Hospital.
Sarah had run the hydrotherapy department at the Lister for over 10 years. She is a Clinical Specialist in Hydrotherapy, having obtained a distinction in the Bath Hydrotherapy Course in 2003.

Herts Hydro now operates as ASK Physio.

What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is treatment involving exercise and hands on treatment performed in water. It uses the properties of water to relieve pain, increase mobility and develop muscle strength.

Who benefits from Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy treatment in the pool

The following conditions benefit from hydrotherapy. The following conditions receive the most effective help from treatment in water:


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Recovery from fractures/broken bones, in particular shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles.

Recovery from joint surgery.

Back pain and stiffness

Osteoporosis and chronic pain.

Sports injuries

Hypermobility syndromes

Group treatment in David Lloyd Pool StevenageWhat are the benefits of Hydrotherapy?

Improved mobility and flexibility.

Increased muscle strength

Relief of pain

Improved balance and co-ordination


Increased sense of well-being


Patients are required to have a one off dry land assessment prior to commencing hydrotherapy. This assessment is to ascertain your needs, and set your goals for hydrotherapy. This session will last approximately 45-60 minutes. Dry land assessments are carried out at ASK Physio in Stevenage Old Town and are charged at £53.

On arrival for your first session, you will be greeted by staff at David Lloyd reception. They will be expecting you and will show you where the changing facilities and pool areas are.

Sessions can be 1:1 or group based.

Your session fee includes 30 minutes of hydrotherapy plus 15 mins use of the Jacuzzi, steam room or sauna at David Lloyd afterwards. This will enhance the effect of your treatment but is not essential.

All treatment programs are specifically designed to each individual. The hydrotherapist will be in the pool with you the whole time and will perform techniques, monitor and correct individual exercise programmes, making progressions where necessary.

Pool environment

The pool that we use is in the David Lloyd private gym on Stevenage Leisure Park, there is plenty of free parking available.

David Lloyd Pool – Stevenage, SG1 2UA
Bigger pool – 25 metres
Pool temperature 29-30 degrees
Constant 1.2 metre depth throughout
Access via pool ladder (hoist also available)
Free parking
Large, spacious changing rooms with 2 private cubicles
Monday , Wednesday and Thursday morning sessions


1:1 session £40
2:1 session £25 each
3:1 group sessions £15 each. A six week course must be booked. Cost of six week block £90

Contact us

If you would like further information on hydrotherapy or wish to discuss potential treatment, please contact Sarah Kinsella at Ask Physio:


07565 745426


What Our Clients Say
  • Ask Physio have polite Knowledgeable staff who have helped me with my back problem within a few appointments. 100% happy and definitely be back in the future. Highly recommend.
    Rikky Joy
  • Fantastic friendly service, offering bespoke personal treatments, all very professional.
    Peter O’Gorman
  • I would definitely be in touch with Ask physio at the first sign of a problem. I found the girls were very professional and were able to help me instantly. Sarah explained what she thought was the problem and helped me cope with the problem. Would recommend to anyone.
    Wendy Rowe
  • Have known Ask Physio since before it started as a business and have had the best possible Physio from the team - including hydrotherapy, acupuncture, manipulation etc for me and my family . The team members are hard working honest people with a very efficient and pleasant manner
    Dr Ramesh Baxani
  • Ask Physio is simply brilliant.
    Babs Till
  • Excellent service thank you very much
    Jennifer Terrett
  • Excellent caring treatment.
    Carol Sear
  • Thank You, you treated me as a valued individual and certainly not as a customer. Everyone was extremely knowledgable, patient, efficient and most kind to me . Gina, Sarah and in fact everyone have been quite simply a God send to me.
    Jane Cooper
  • After suffering with a bad knee for some time and not receiving any treatment via my doctor Sarah diagnosed the problem immediately. She recognised that although the treatment she gave helped it could only be temporary and referred me via the doctor to hospital. It successful operation followed.
    Ron Seymour
  • I have used Ask Physio before my spinal surgery and after ... I was made to feal at ease and treated with such kindness and respect with no judgement which is great .. they have provided me with information suitable for my needs to help improve my condition and big big thank you to Sarah Perry .
    Sara Wasem
  • Had so much help for migraine/neuralgia. Would always use Ask Physio again.
    Sue Egan
  • Great service and Sarah was so pleasent, friendly and helpful
    Kim Cotte
  • I was seen very quickly, treated with kindness and felt confident about the expert care I received.
    Cheryl, Stevenage
  • Sarah Kinsella and her Team have helped me in so many ways with their expertise. Hydrotherapy to help flexibility because of my Parkinson's, acupuncture and deep tissue massage that is ongoing and effective! All the team members always friendly, caring, respectful and so very good at what they do! Thank you all so much.
    Jane Gilmour
  • Overall I was very impressed with my treatment at Ask Physio and I have recommended them to a couple of aquaintances. Many thanks.
  • Always found the kind ladies I have consulted very kind, helpful and professional.
    Frank Townsend
  • So knowledgeable,patient and a willingness to listen.The same sort of injury affects different patients in differing ways, and it is clear that this is recognised by the therapists.My treatment was both beneficial and enjoyable due to the friendliness and professionalism of all I met.
    Graeme Harkness
  • Sarah was extremely efficent and very friendly !!
    Julia Cottenden
  • Excellent treatment felt very at ease and comfortable
    Maureen Brewin
  • Gina worked with me on my ankle rehabilitation and every session was excellent. Any questions and concerns I had, were handled with care no matter what it was. I'm back to full health - and so quickly - only because of Gina and whilst I hope it doesn't happen again, I would always use Ask Physio for any of my needs. Fantastic team!
    Michael Wilson
  • Fantastic results after visiting Ask Physio a few months ago. I'd had shoulder pains for many years and after several different types of treatments with no lasting results, Gina successfully diagnosed the issue during the first visit. A couple of treatments later and the problem is finally solved. A very happy customer and I would highly recommend. Well done Ask Physio!
    Kim Firmin
  • Following the Hydrotherapy sessions I have now taken up swimming as a way of improve my fitness
    Stephen Lowe
  • Your prompt and helpful service helped me when I was in a very painful condition.
    Janet Firth
  • I have been to ASK Physio twice now with different conditions. I got an appointment within a week of contact, and was given a full assessment on both occasions. Sarah explained what she was going to do before she did, diagnosed and gave me exercises to complete to help with the conditions. I am pleased to say that both conditions were diagnosed and treated by Sarah and her "homework" for me in one session. If I had gone to the GP in the first instance, then waited for a physiotherapy appointment I could have been in pain and caused more long term damage in the process. I cannot reccomend ASK Physio enough!
    Colette Cooper
  • My ASK Physio experiences could not be better. I arrived with a condition which they talked me through quickly and clearly - a condition I'd lived with for 20 years and had misunderstood. ASK Physio made a correct and swift diagnosis and advised on simple corrective excercises. I can't recommend them more highly.
    Richard Kelly
  • At a time when I was receiving little or no help from my NHS GP the physios at ASK were a great source of expertise and support. I could not have better or more personal treatment.
    Pam Martin
  • Following two sporting injuries, ASK immediately diagnosed the appropriate treatment and with their care and expertise had me back playing very quickly. Thank you to the team!
    Ian Morton
  • I have been seen a few times for acupuncture absolutely brilliant my husband and stepmother also went through my recommendation
    Teresa Summerfield
  • It is a fantastic practice, I could not find fault with the service and Ginas knowledge was impressive. Ask Physio is a massive step up from any physio I have had, really first class. Well done to all involved.
    Matthew Nutt
  • Ask Physio is a well run practice, with friendly, well qualified staff. Gina is highly experienced in my condition, Fibromyalgia and is incredibly supportive. I get information which helps me in between visits to improve and manage my condition. Finally, standards of hygiene are very good and patient care is a high priority.
    Ms Deborah Knott
  • Sarah K was a miracle worker - I'd been suffering from a frozen shoulder for 4 months before going to see her and she fixed it like magic in just one session. I went for a second session and the improvement was even better, no pain, full range of motion restored and no further issues over a year and a half later.
  • First class friendly service
    Mark Hancock
  • Excellent physiotherapy. I've used ASK physio for 4 times now and in each instance, the post surgical outcome has been excellent and this is primarily due to the physiotherapy and hydro therapy.
    Suren Nair
  • My daughter with hypermobility was given a program of exercises from Sarah, I was amazed at how quickly she improved! Sarah is friendly, patient, and really clear with her instructions, I cannot recommend her and ASK Physio highly enough!
    D. Hopcroft, Shillington
  • Sarah listens to what you say and makes you feel very comfortable and at ease. I have absolute confidence in her treatment and particularly like her hands on approach
    S. Greenwood
  • The hydrotherapy has definitely improved the bend in my knee, Sarah Kinsella is very professional and supportive
    P.Parkins, Pirton.
  • An excellent experience, 10/10 all round…A thorough analysis of the problem after a detailed assessment. I had tried a number of physios for the same problem with no success. Sarah surpassed all my expectations
    G.Garg, Hitchin.
  • Gina took a thorough history and through a combination of tissue release, exercises and acupuncture, my shoulder has improved immensely. Great advice for a knee problem too. Very happy customer.
    D Bosley
  • As a former G.P. there are many aspects of Sarah Perry’s approach that impress me. Firstly she took a full general medical history followed by a history, Secondly she performed an appropriate examination relevant to my symptoms. Finally she treated my spine without recourse to electrical gadgets. She spent time teaching me exercises and ensuring that I fully understood them and followed them up with an email. I feel confident that she highly professional and competent.
    Dr R E Faulkner M.B.,B.S.. D.C.H.
  • Acupuncture and hydrotherapy with staff from ASK Physio have improved my core strength considerably and lowered my pain levels making it possible for me to remain mobile, despite fibromyalgia coupled to arthritis and serious back problems. Recently, I have been able to delay hip replacement surgery, aided, in my Consultants opinion, to this strengthening regime and pain relief.
    Gill Clark
  • Staff from ASK Physio have been helping me on the road to recovery since my motorbike accident 9 months ago in which I broke my leg. After seeing several physios over this time I was so impressed with the knowledge and care of the staff at ASK Physio, I now refuse to see anybody else! The combination of hydro and land therapy is a must for anybody with lower limb injuries. I cannot recommend ASK Physio enough.
  • I went to Sarah from ASK Physio initially for hydro treatment and then progressed onto land based physio. She is professional and charming, making sessions effective and enjoyable. Hydro was perfect in the first few weeks after my injury (broken shoulder) and the subsequent land sessions helped regain my range of movement. I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah at ASK to anyone needing physio.
  • Following an accident in which I broke both of my legs very badly, staff at ASK Physio were instrumental in getting me back on my feet and helping me to get my legs working again. I was very incapacitated for a while but used to really look forward to the sessions both on land and in the pool. The staff at ASK Physio are understanding and encouraging. The sessions were sometimes demanding but always worthwhile and I felt the benefits almost immediately after starting treatment. I cannot recommend ASK Physio highly enough.
  • Following a total knee replacement, hydrotherapy has helped me regain confidence and improve muscle strength in a way that is both enjoyable and invigorating. Sarah is highly professional, has clear outcome goals and has encouraged me to work on my own to her exercise program. Importantly, she keeps in touch with my consultant and physiotherapists to ensure a comprehensive post-operative treatment program
    Jim Burns
  • Fibromyalgia is an unpleasant, painful and complex condition which requires the highest of skills to maintain mobility, pain reduction and a positive outlook in the patient. Sarah has successfully treated a member of my family for many months in the hydrotherapy pool. I am grateful to her and impressed with the quality of her professional skills.
    Dr R. E. Faulkner. M.B..B.S. D.C.H.
  • Sarah's hydrotherapy sessions have brought me great relief & improved flexibility. Sarah was recommended to me 2 years ago after I'd undergone a left knee replacement and was having problems bending my knee. Having recently had surgery on my right knee, I could hardly wait to return. I have received individual 'land' treatment in addition to individual and group hydrotherapy. I find the combination not only beneficial towards recovery but also an enjoyable and therapeutic experience which gives a freedom of movement previously not possible. I really do recommend hydrotherapy.
  • A friend recommended that I go for Hydrotherapy following my hip and ankle fractures. I quickly became more confident and more able to do things after starting my sessions. Anyone who has a mobility or strength problem, should try Hydrotherapy. My abilities improved, my frustration lessened and my confidence grew. I cannot recommend strongly enough that you consider Hydrotherapy as an option. My advice, give Sarah a ring.
  • The staff from ASK Physio spend time explaining things to you so that you understand your condition. I found their knowledge and expertise second to none, and their hands on treatment excellent. I have now fully recovered from my knee injury.
  • ASK Physio were wonderful with my daughter who has hypermobility syndrome. Their knowledge on the condition was so much better than any other Physio we had seen. My daughter really took to her Therapist. She is now doing well on the program that has been specifically designed for her. Thank-you ASK Physio!